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About FIFA (Video Game)

FIFA, also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a series of association football video games or football simulator, released annually by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. While there was no major competition when EA released the first titles in their Madden NFL and NHL series, football video games such as Sensible Soccer, Kick Off and Match Day had been developed since the late 1980s and already competitive in the games market when EA Sports announced a football game as the next addition to their EA Sports label.

FIFA 17 – The Journey

FIFA 17 will feature a new single player story campaign mode titled The Journey (similar to Be The Story mode in NBA 2K), where players assume the role of Alex Hunter, a young footballer trying to make his mark in the Premier League. The player will be able to select one, out of 20 Premier League clubs to play for at the beginning of the season. The story mode also features a dialogue wheel. Also EA Sports announced at E3 2016 that they will have all 20 Premier League managers likenesses in the game (face scan, etc.).

FIFA 16 – Play Beautiful

FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch to deliver a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience that lets you play your way, and compete at a higher level. And with all new ways to play! With innovative gameplay features, FIFA 16 brings Confidence in Defending, Control in Midfield, and gives you the tools to create more Moments of Magic than ever before. Fans new to the franchise, or skilled players looking to improve their game will have a chance to Compete at a Higher Level using the all new FIFA Trainer. Innovation Across the Entire Pitch.

FIFA 15 – Feel the Game

FIFA 15 really shines in the actual hands-on play. Players feel absolutely alive as they attack and defend, and you’ll recognize the mannerisms and signature moves of star players like Lionel Messi. One-on-one challenges will require all of your focus as the Ignite engine brings a new level of ball physics to the game. You want to shoulder barge your opponent? Watch for the shirt pull response as you fight to keep possession. FIFA 15 brings soccer to life in stunning detail so fans can experience the emotion of the sport like never before.